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Rich/Varied Flora & Fauna around the resort makes it an ideal place to stay. The equanimity that surrounds the resort is broken only by chirping of birds, and the gurgling mountain stream just around the resort.

Available Rooms & Suites

Being located at the base of the orchard, it gives tourists a chance to stroll between apple, walnut and chestnut trees. Birds now more or less disappeared in towns can be easily spotted during the stroll in the orchard or while relaxing on the spawning terrace. The books on the local flora fauna are available with the staff and the guest can refer to the same to gather details about the birds and others. More than 70 species of birds can be located in and around the property. The elegant Leopard also resides in the area and if one is lucky this shy friend of ours can be seen strolling in the region. Snuggled between picturesque heights, make this place an ideal location for hiking and backpacking. Starting early in the morning, one can witness breath-taking views. A packed lunch en-route adds to the fun (Packed lunch is optional depending on the distance to be covered as agreed by the guest).


The room is made in traditional Jaunsari architecture., keeping in consideration the needs of the guest. The property has two of these and most suitable for the friends who like to be a little away from the main premises.

Double Room

Three of these, the rooms are in the main complex opening on the terrace with all the basic modern amenities.

Super Deluxe

The property has four floors and this is at the lowest one, keeping it secluded from all. The guest gets to see all green ahead in oak/deodar forest. This place is best suited for the honeymoon goers or the friends who again like to have good private time.


An independent hut within the Kimonaa premises, mostly constructed from reclaimed wood, boasts one small-sized bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a king-size bed in the attic, a well-equipped kitchen, a cozy living room, and a balcony offering a picturesque view. The hut is enveloped by lush trees, and birds’ delightful chirping enhances its natural beauty. This idyllic accommodation is perfect for a family of four or four individuals. You have the option to have meals at the main dining area or cook on your own, depending on your preferences and those of your companions. The hut is available for both shorter and longer durations, making it a flexible choice for your stay.

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